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7 Awkward Situations We've All Been In

7 Awkward Situations We've All Been In

We’ve all gone through some pretty awkward experiences, so what better way to cope with the crippling cringey-ness than to relive them?! These moments will have you lying awake at 3 AM playing the situation over and over again in your head until you exhaust yourself with embarrassment. Here are some awkward situations we’ve all been in!

Accidentally spitting on someone


There has been a moment when you’re talking to someone you don’t know that well and accidentally shoot a saliva rocket right into their face. Being the kind person they are, they won’t mention it, but they know it’s there. Being the awkward person you are, you won’t mention it, but you saw it hit. So what do you do? You look away for a quick second to give that person enough time to wipe your spit off their face and try to relieve the awkward tension with some small talk.

When you crack a joke and no one laughs

i dont get it

You’re just sitting around a table with your friends and decide to say a joke you think will go over well. But no one ends up laughing and you wish more than anything that death would come right there in that moment. What’s even worse is what follows — at least 15 seconds of just silence and then someone saying “anyways…” I would never wish this pain on my worst enemy.

When your friends get yelled at in front of you

breaking bad

There’s nothing quite like the awkwardness that comes with watching one of your friends get yelled at by their parent when you’re over at their house. Watching your friend enter a battle you know they can’t win and having to quietly sit through it while trying to text your mom to come pick you up is one awkward situation that stays with you for life.

When your stomach growls in a quiet classroom

homer simpson

We’ve all been through the pain of a dead silent classroom with 30 of our peers and having our stomachs decide to sing a power ballad. Everyone turns to look, and you just got to laugh it off and accept the blame.

Ending a phone call to a stranger with “I love you”

monkey cell phone

There are probably thousands of pizza delivery employees who have been told they were loved by complete strangers thanks to our parents programming us to say “I love you” to all of our relatives on the phone when we were younger. Now, whenever I order food, I always make sure to tell the person taking my order that I love them before I hand up, and the awkward laugh that follows is enough to make me hate myself.

Accidentally saying “you too” to an employee

you can feel the awkward

There’s nothing like getting a movie ticket and being told by the employee to enjoy that movie… and replying with “you too!” They’re not going to see the movie! But they’ll kindly thank you anyway. Now the only thing you can do is hope that their shift changes during the movie so you won’t have to face them on your way out.

Accidentally messing up a handshake

weird handshake

When you first meet someone, you shake their hand. But there are a few seconds in between when you don’t know if that person is going for casual or formal, a fist bump or an ordinary shake, and you overthink it. Before long, they go in for a one arm hug while you went for a fist bump and the whole friendship starts off on an awkward note.

Which awkward situation will haunt you for years down the road? Let us know on Twitter!

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