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7 TV Shows Teenagers Loved 10 Years Ago

7 TV Shows Teenagers Loved 10 Years Ago

Being a teenager has changed over time, and there’s nothing that has changed more than taste in TV. What’s popular today wasn’t popular 10 years ago. You know, because it hadn’t been created yet. Here’s a look back at some of the shows teenagers were watching a decade ago.

Gossip Girl

gossip girl

Parents were scandalized by Gossip Girl’s racy ads and even racier depictions of sex. But despite their parents’ objections, teenagers tuned in on the regs to catch the social lives of Manhattan’s Upper East Siders narrated by the mysterious Gossip Girl. The show was also a forerunner in terms of how we watch TV. Gossip Girl was the first show that was watched more on DVR and iTunes than it was on regular TV. So it’s not just a show about pretty, rich kids doing the nasty. It’s also historical.

Keeping Up with the Kardashians

keeping up with the kardashians

It’s hard to believe it, but 10 years ago, Kim Kardashian was the only famous Kardashian, and a lot of that had to do with her sex tape. But in 2007, Keeping Up with the Kardashians premiered and changed all that. Now, the Kardashian clan has turned into an unstoppable Frankenstein monster threatening to destroy us all. In the past decade, we’ve experienced all the major milestones of the Kardashians’ lives — the marriages, the break-ups, the arrests, the sex tapes, the sex changes. It’s like we’re part of their family (but you know, without all of their money or extravagant lifestyle).

Veronica Mars

veronica mars

Years ago, Marshmallows tuned in to catch the adventures of Neptune’s plucky detective as played by Kristen Bell. Originally, Veronica Mars creator Rob Thomas had planned on centering the show around a boy detective, but eventually felt that the show would be more interesting to see him as a her. Eventually, Veronica Mars went on to make Kickstarter history when Thomas appealed to fans to directly help fund the movie. Which they did… in 11 hours. At least it’s better than funding the creation of a bowl of potato salad!

The Hills

the hills

Who could forget this classic spin-off of a reality show based off of a TV show? Even though The Hills was heavily criticized for being as fake as most of the noses in Beverly Hills, viewers still tuned in to catch the major milestones of Lauren Conrad’s LA life. So what if cast members eventually admitted that some moments were “recreated”? Teenagers still loved watching LC’s fights with Heidi Montag, her on-again-off-again relationship with Brody Jenner, and her misadventures at Teen Vogue. Interestingly enough, after 10 years, Heidi and Spencer (aka Speidi) are still together and going strong. I guess that means their love was the only thing that was real in that show?

One Tree Hill

one tree hill

One Tree Hill told the tale of half-brothers Lucas and Nathan and their messy, messy personal lives, and it divided the nation. Teens in the aughts fought over who Lucas (played by the one and only Chad Michael Murray) should end up with — Peyton or Brooke. In real life, Murray ended up with Sophia Bush, who played Brooke. They, of course, ended up un-marrying. So does that mean that Team Peyton won in the long run?

Friday Night Lights

friday night lights

On paper, Friday Night Lights followed the exploits of a football team in Dillon, Texas. But really, the show used its rural setting to talk about larger issues facing our country as a whole during the aughts. Oddly enough, even though the show was about middle America, it was one of the most popular shows among “affluent viewers”. Who knew that a show about football would be a hit among people who’ve never played football?



Today we have Supergirl, but 10 years ago, teens got their Superman fix with the origin story of the OG Man of Steel. Smallville covered Clark Kent’s formative years in Kansas before he became Superman. When the show started, it aired on the WB, but by the time Smallville ended, it was on the CW. Why? Because UPN and the WB merged to form the CW during the show’s run. Yup. It was on that long ago!

What are your favorite TV shows from 10 years ago? Let us know on Twitter!

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