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Life In Color: Interview with BONNIE X CLYDE

Life In Color: Interview with BONNIE X CLYDE

There is a new duo that is taking over the electronic dance scene with a series of hits that exposed the world to their unique style like Why Do I, Worth It, Closer, Rise Above, and The Ride, is none of other than DJ/Producer/Vocalist, BONNIE X CLYDE.

First making their debut festival at last year’s Life in Color Miami, and then their ride had begun. They immediately embarked on their 10 stop headlining ‘Gunshine State Tour’. Within in year the duo performed at various festivals such as, Nocturnal Wonderland, Life Is Beautiful, EDC Orlando, “When we performed at EDC Orlando that was a dream come true”. BXC finished off their exciting year with a performance at Insomniac’s highly-anticipated NYE Festival, Countdown, on December 31st. The future looks bright for BXC as they ride into the new year as they perform at highly anticipated festivals such as CRUSH, Middlelands, and once again returning to Life In Color but this time at the MainStage. “We come so far, we never thought we would be performing at the MainStage. This is a dream come true for us.”

“When we came here to LIC we didn’t realize until we got here that the MainStage is called ‘Sector X’ and our symbol is an X. We started in Miami playing here last year at the RARE stage and we’ve come so far in only a year it’s so fast.”

Their wild ride didn’t stop there with a recent signing with Circle Talent Agency combined with the release of their debut EP via Interscope and Insomniac Records. “It was almost surreal like now, we still can’t believe this all happening so fast. When we were signing with Interscope and our EP also was released on the same day.”

The duo takes risks but does not fear, whenever they write new music. “Everything, our lives, our journey, everything around us, our experiences at every festival, and just in everyday life.” Experimenting with their newest creation Where It Hurts. It’s a combination of their unique bass sound that we all crave and hardstyle. “Where It Hurts was about how we overcame all our obstacles we endured through our journey and how we achieved to where we are now.” Being that we at Life in Color, we asked what was their favorite color at the same time they looked at each other said “BLUE” and laughed. 

If you can dream it then you can achieve it, dreams do come true. When life hits you with its greatest obstacles, when you have to go through the boundaries you never endured, and even if when you hear the word “NO” or “You can’t” just keep BXC in the back of your mind. This was first a dream and now it’s reality for the duo. BONNIE X CLYDE has assuredly positioned themselves for huge success and for many years to come. Get ready to join the ride!

Listen to Where It Hurts

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